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  • Introduction to School of Chinese language and Literature, Lanzhou University

        School of Chinese Language and Literature f Lanzhou University has a long history. In 1928, Chinese Department in Lanzhou Sun Yat-sen University (former Lanzhou University) was established. After the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, Department of Chinese Language and Literature in Lanzhou University was enacted and renamed School of Chinese Language and Literature, Lanzhou University in 2004. As one of the earliest Chinese disciplines in China, the School has inherited excellent humanistic and academic tradition. With the hard work of several generations, the school has been formed practical and enterprising academic atmosphere, cultivated a galaxy of talents, all of which contribute much to the establishment and development of Chinese discipline in 20th century and win a well-deserved reputation in China for the School. In 21st century, School of Chinese Language and Literature continues to advance discipline construction, introduce outstanding faculties, and improve teaching facilities to power the objective of Lanzhou University, a comprehensive, research-oriented, well-known and high-level Lanzhou University at home and abroad, in accordance with the intention of “rooting in Chinas Western regions and building a world-class university”.

        The School has two undergraduate majors, Chinese Language and Literature and Drama & Film-and-Television Literature, a first-level master’s degree authorization point in Chinese language and literature with six secondary discipline master’s degree authorization point in Chinese Philology, Chinese Classical philology, Literary Theory, Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature, first-level master’s degree authorization point in Artistic Theory, a master’s degree in MTCSOL , a first-level doctoral degree authorization point in Chinese Language and Literature. In 2006 and 2010, sub-disciplines of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature were listed as key provincial construction disciplines in Gansu Province. In 2013, the first-grade discipline, Chinese language and literature, was listed as a key discipline in Gansu Province. In 2014, Chinese language and literature was approved to establish post-doctoral research stations.

       There are 69 teaching and administrative staffs in School of Chinese Language and Literature, including 52 full-time teachers, 14 professors, 16 associate professors, and 22 lecturers. There are 42 teachers with PhD,5 teachers with master’s degree, 11 doctoral supervisors and 31 master supervisors. The structure of the faculty is reasonable and the trend of faculty development is promising. In the next few years, the School will build a teaching and research team with more comprehensive knowledge, higher academic qualifications and a solid learning strength to ensure long-standing development of the School’s teaching and scientific research.

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