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  • The Number of Overseas Internship Has Increased to 24


      In 2018, after the selection of Hanban, MTCSOL of School of Literature in Lanzhou University went Confucius Institute in Mauritius, Moldavia and the United States respectively. So far, the number of overseas internship countries for MTCSOL of Lanzhou University has increased from 21 to 24.Up to October, 2018, 55 MTCSOL of LZU in the second grade had gone overseas for internship. With rate of the overseas internship reaching 77.5%, LZU has become an important source for outputting masters devoted to overseas Chinese international education. In February of the year, 10 students like Li Xiaoyan and Gan Qiwei went to Bangladesh and South Korea to teach Chinese. Li Xiaoyan teaches at the Confucius Institute of North South University in Bangladesh. The courses she undertakes are Chinese and Chinese Culture. She pays attention to the combination of language teaching and cultural teaching, which is very popular among students. Most of the volunteers who go to South Korea teach in primary and secondary schools. They actively cooperate with local Chinese teachers and learn from each other. In a word, our student make a sense.

    In March, Yang fang went to Northern University in Malaysia to teach undergraduates with no knowledge about Chinese. In order to helped her students master Chinese pronunciation, Yang fang encouraged them to participate in the fifth Malaysian College Students Chinese Song Contest. And in the competition, the students' performance were excellent.In April, Zhang Mengting went to the Confucius Institute of University of Mauritius. Her students are the staff and students of University of Mauritius, as well as the social personages who love Chinese. Some of the students are of ethnic Chinese origin, who are under influence of Hakka dialects and eager to learn mandarin well 

    In June, 11 students including Sun Xiaotong, Yu Guangcun and Wang Sining went to, and 7 students including Fan Min and Li Senyao went to Philippines. Most of the students who went to Thailand teach in the vocational and educational commission schools of Ministry of Education of Thailand. They use flexible and diverse teaching methods to encourage students to speak Chinese.In July, Lu Zhengrui went to teach at Babaoyo University of Science and Technology in Ecuador. Students range in age from their teens to their 50s, but are enthusiastic about the Chinese language and culture. With the cooperation of the university, the "Chinese culture Open Day" planned by Lu Zhengrui was a success.

    In August, Gao Yuan and Ma Hui went to the Confucius Institute of International University in Moldova. Although they were far away from home, they were soon moved by students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese and devoted themselves to teaching, actively cooperating with Confucius Institute and carrying out various activities about China’s culture.

    In August and September, Cao Yanjie and Fang Jiajia went to Indonesia to teach. Cao Yanjie teaches at the Confucius Institute at Indonesian: Universitas Negeri Malang, and Fang Jiajjia teaches at Bromo Hope Trilingual School. The two students fulfilled their responsibility and hoped to improve their teaching skills,help more Indonesian friends realize their dream of entering and understanding China and contribute to the friendly exchanges between the two countries.

    In August, Zhang Aiyun and Li Xiaoyun went to the United States. Zhang Aiyun teaches at the Confucius Institute of Western Michigan University. In addition to daily teaching, she also serves as an administrative assistant and participates in the administrative management and cultural activities organization of the Confucius institute. She participated in the preparation of the global Confucius Institute Day and students painting and calligraphy exhibition and other activities which received a good response. Ms. Li teaches at College of Eastern Airlines in North Carolina. Her students are kindergarten children. During the exchange visit between Chinese and American principals, Li Xiaoyun performed Art of Fighting, which surprised principals, students and parents at home and abroad and made them appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.

    In September, 10 students including Wang Xiang and Duan Xuenii went to Georgia. On  Mid-Autumn festival, Tbilisi Open University held an activity of experiencing Chinese culture. Volunteers showed Chinese knot, paper cutting, tea art, calligraphy and so on. Teachers and students experienced Chinese culture together and celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival.

    In October, Kenyan Institute of Chinese Language and Culture successfully held the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Candidates were from the German Vocational Education Center and other Chinese language training institutions, besides students of the institute. Kenyan Institute of Chinese Language is the overseas internship base of the School of Literature. Yang Yimo, Chen Lifang and other students not only serve as Chinese teachers, but also complete the recruitment examination and other work.

    “An educated gentleman cannot but be resolute and broad-minded,for he has taken up a heavy responsibility and a long course”. The development of Chinese international education is inseparable from the hard work of colleges and volunteers in China. In order to improve the rate of overseas internship, School of Literature has been continuously enhancing the professional quality and skills of postgraduates through various activities. Under influence of LZUer, every volunteer Chinese teacher are determined to complete the teaching tasks with all their heart and responsibility and contribute to the international promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

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