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  • Go to Fudan University and Nanjing University for Research and Initial Recruit



     On November 9th and 10th, a research team consisting of Li Lifang, president of School of Literature, Quan Huijin, vice president of the school, Fengxin, director of the Institute of Drama, Film-and-Television Literature, Liangbo, a member of the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature went to Shanghai and Nanjing for research and initial recruit.

      In the discussion with professionals of Chinese Department in Fudan University, Chen Chi, dean of the Department, introduced the academic institutions, majors, development of the majors, faculty, the number of students and other basic information of the Department in Fudan University in the morning of November 9th. Zhang Yanbing, deputy dean of the Chinese Department in the University, gave a detailed explanation on the curriculum plan and training process of the undergraduate, and teacher training of the Chinese Department in the University, and emphatically introduced their characteristics of the undergraduate teaching, such as encouraging students to voice in class by large-class lectures but small-team discussion, stressing  the training of undergraduate writing ability and annual paper besides course and  so on. Moreover, Mr. Zhang said that courses without credit were planned for excellent students, like lessons about translation, criticism of modern and contemporary and others. In addition, Related personnel of Fudan University shared their experience on teacher’s recruit and evaluation and other workings.

      In the morning of November 10th, the research team held a discussion with Xu Yanping, associate dean of School of Literature in Nanjing University,professor Li Xingyang and other relevant teachers of the School. Mr. Xu mainly introduced basic situation of undergraduate program in Nanjing University, and then showed how teachers of the school put great teaching ideas into practice by normative and efficient lesson. And professor Li Xingyang mainly present the curriculum setting of the School and explained how the students to improve their ability, and shared how products of the students hit market. In addition, related personnel of Nanjing University shared their experience on teacher’s recruit and evaluation and other workings. 

    In the survey, our team also introduced curriculum setting, scientific research, talents cultivation and others of School of Literature in Lanzhou University to Fudan University and Nanjing University and discussed briefly matters on further cooperation and communication with both universities. And dean li introduced the situation of training young teachers and teachers’ recruit in detail of School of Literature in LZU and related teachers of both universities reposted the recruitment information into their Wechat group of doctors.

    The School of Literature learned advanced management and training experience of other universities in the discipline “Chinese”, broadened the communication channels with domestic counterparts, and played an important role in improving the management of the college of arts and formulating the comprehensive reform implementation plan of the college.

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