School of Chinese Languages and Literatures Convene the 2022 Graduate Study Style Education Conference

2022-03-14   T|T

   In order to do a good job in the examination, submission and defense of the dissertations of the 2022 graduate students of the College of Liberal Arts, improve the quality of dissertations and enhance the awareness of academic norms, on the evening of March 10th, the College of Liberal Arts held the 2022 graduate students' style of study education conference on Tencent conference platform. Guo Maoquan, vice president of the College of Literature, presided over the conference, and Wang Peipei, graduate secretary of the College of Literature, and all the 2022 doctoral and master graduates attended the conference.

   At the meeting, Guo Maoquan emphasized the new links in this year's dissertation examination, and asked students to review the documents such as "Measures for Handling Deception of Dissertations" and "Measures for Preventing and Handling Academic Misconduct in Colleges and Universities". The papers submitted by students must be true, effective, comprehensive and objective. They must abide by academic ethics, strictly abide by academic integrity, complete this year's dissertation with high standards, strict requirements and high quality, and strive to successfully pass the dissertation examination and submission at one time.

   The conference also carried out warning education, emphasizing the serious consequences caused by problems in the examination, submission and defense of dissertations, dissertations fraud and academic misconduct.