The Summary and Commendation Meeting of the Sub-forum of School of Chinese Languages and Literatures of the 14th Annual Academic Conference of Lanzhou University was Successfully Held

2022-01-14   T|T

   On January 12th, the Summary and Commendation Meeting of the Sub-forum of School of Chinese Languages and Literatures of the 14th Annual Academic Conference of Lanzhou University was successfully held on the online platform of Tencent Conference. Professor Lei Enhai, Associate Professor Tian Guang and Associate Professor Wang Ying from the School of Chinese Languages and Literatures attended the conference as teachers' representatives. Doctoral students and master students from all grades of the School participate the conference. Guo Maoquan, vice dean of the School, presided over the conference.

   At the beginning of the conference, Professor Guo Maoquan introduced the overall situation of this academic annual conference, announced the prize winners of the final review, and congratulated them.

   At the meeting, the representative of the graduate tutor guided the thesis writing in combination with the review of the thesis in the academic annual meeting. Professor Lei Enhai pointed out that the thesis writing should have a comprehensive grasp of the research status quo, pay attention to the internal logic of the problem, clear problem consciousness and strict logical argumentation, at the same time, make the language expression standard and elegant. Associate Professor Tian Guang proposed that we should settle down to study and research, be prepared to cool your heels, develop the consciousness and ability to discover and solve problems independently when selecting topics, and abide by academic ethics and academic norms. Associate Professor Wang Ying pointed out that paper innovation can't be separated from the existing problem areas. We should pay attention to reading and accumulation at ordinary times, develop the habit of intensive reading, extensive reading and deep thinking, accurately grasp the extension and connotation of the problem, and be wary of falling into the misunderstanding of false innovation and false proposition.

   The representatives of the award-winning students shared the experience of writing thesis in the annual academic conference.

   Qi Ruiyuan, a Ph.D. student in 2020 of ancient Chinese literature, said that it is necessary to establish a positive and healthy learning attitude and living state, learn to face up to and adjust the pressure encountered, and face learning and living with a positive and optimistic attitude. Yang Wenjun, a Ph.D. student in 2021 of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, said that the inspiration of the thesis comes from life, at the same time, one should pay attention to the combination of theoretical methods and textual phenomena, and develops the habit of communication and interaction with your tutor. Fu Zhanyuan, a master student in 2020 of Art Theory, believes that the careful reading of the original theoretical canons should be combined with the reading of instrumental documents,in addition, the professional basic knowledge and academic frontier hot spots should be taken into account to find academic interest points. Wang Wenliang, a master student in 2020 of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, said that action is more important than fantasy, and shared how to use new software to assist the data collection and writing of papers.

   In the concluding speech, professor Guo Maoquan emphasized that the academic annual meeting is the incubator and booster of academic innovation, which can promote students to pursue excellence and gain new academic achievements on the road of academic progress.

   It is reported that the theme of this academic annual conference of the School of Chinese Languages and Literatures is "Launching interdisciplinary research and building an academic community". Since its official launch in November 2021, the School has invited many well-known experts and scholars to give academic lectures. Each institute (center) of the School has held a number of academic workshops and other series of activities. At the same time, this year's academic annual conference has added a message from the tutor, a doctoral academic salon, alumni academic reports and other projects.A new high has been set in paper submission.A total of 172 academic papers were collected, and finally 22 first prize papers, 40 second prize papers, 46 third prize papers and 36 excellent prize papers were selected.