"Grand Meeting, Concerted Efforts for Education"-2021 "International Chinese Education Scholars' Meeting" was successfully held in Northwest China

2021-12-30   T|T

   2021 "Heroes of Chinese Education Association" International Chinese Teaching Skills Exchange Activity The online exchange activity in Northwest China was successfully held on December 23rd,2021.The event was hosted by the Chinese-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and hosted by Lanzhou University. It attracted more than 10 university teams in northwest China, and nearly 150 Chinese and foreign teachers and students participated in this exchange activity.

   Participating schools, colleges and other teams give full play to their own disciplinary advantages, deeply integrate international Chinese education theories, teaching resources and curriculum contents, closely follow the conference theme of "new ideas, new skills and new practices" in the instructional design, and design different curriculum types,such as language skills courses and cultural comprehensive courses, in combination with diversified teaching concepts.At the same time, teaching includes online teaching, face-to-face teaching, online teaching and face-to-face teaching integration and other organizational forms;The teaching method is eclectic, mainly based on the improvement of skills, and the comprehensive use of hybrid teaching mode, which fully combines multimedia resources with real-life exercises to guide students to improve their Chinese level in interesting interaction.Teaching object is from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other more countries along the "area" of international students, fully shows the northwest region in the "area" all the way along the spread of the international Chinese, to carry out the important role of cultural exchange, understanding of the countries along the students learning style also can play a huge advantage in teaching practice.   

   In the online group communication session, each team in Northwest China made their debut one by one, sharing the teaching ideas of international Chinese teaching in different fields such as general Chinese and Chinese for special purposes, and displaying rich and colorful teaching achievements.In this exchange activity, we specially invited Liu Lixin, associate professor of the School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of Peking University,Pei Yulai, vice president of the School of International Education of Shanghai University,Zhang Yarong, associate professor of the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of the College of Liberal Arts of Northwest University,Liang Yan, vice president and associate professor of the School of International Cultural Exchange of Xinjiang University,Li Hua, vice president and professor of the School of International Cultural Exchange of Northwest Normal University,Yang Rui,associate professor of the College of Humanities of Ningxia University,Zhang Li, an associate professor at the School of Literature and International Sinology of Lanzhou Jiaotong University,and Liu Xiaoyan, an associate professor and vice president of the School of International Cultural Exchange of Lanzhou University.These experts made wonderful comments on the communication and exhibition of each team.

With the help of specific situations and classroom interactions, Chang 'an University team enhances students' perception and interest in Chinese character culture, and presents a new diversified teaching mode. Lanzhou University team makes full use of the online platform to build curriculum system resources, and realizes the multi-teaching mode of all-in-one classroom process, all-in-one online and offline interconnection, and the combination of self-study and teaching. The team of Xi'an Jiaotong University highlights the medical Chinese characteristics of its school, attaches importance to humanistic care, and fully embodies the characteristics of "Chinese+"teaching in the clinical practice consultation scene.High-tech College of Xi 'an University of Science and Technology pays attention to the integration of diverse teaching resources,builds different learning platforms for students,and enriches the era connotation of international Chinese classroom.The team of Xi 'an International Studies University helps students understand grammar points and language functions with real situations, which not only combines Chinese cultural elements, but also stimulates students' interest.

   The Northwest University team applied the experiential teaching concept to the fullest, and at the same time, the wonderful self-made short video was the biggest highlight, which could not only control the language rhythm, difficulty and focus, but also be infectious.The four teachers in the team of Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University have rich experience in teaching Chinese as a second language and spreading Chinese culture, and their teaching courses are relaxed and pleasant, reflecting the idea of teacher-led and student-centered.The team of Northwest Normal University combines interaction with scenes, culture with language, makes full use of new multimedia resources and rich and diverse teaching methods, mobilizes students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese, and at the same time breaks through regional restrictions, so that students can truly understand China and fall in love with it.The team from Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics is rooted in the local area, and has been deeply involved in the front line. China holds the direction and the local area takes the lead, seeking practical results through actual combat, and showing the new ideas, new skills and new practices of Chinese teaching in overseas Confucius Institutes. Xinjiang University team takes task-based teaching method as its teaching philosophy and perfectly implements "learning in the process of action", which is a successful exploration of the new mode and new concept of online writing teaching in the epidemic era.

   After in-depth discussion and evaluation by experts, Xi 'an International Studies University and Northwest Normal University won the honorary title of "Teaching Star", Northwest University and Chang 'an University won the honorary title of "Excellent Micro-course", Xi 'an Jiaotong University and Lanzhou University won the honorary title of "Excellent Teaching Plan", Northwest A&F University and Xinjiang University won the honorary title of "Excellent Courseware", Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics and High-tech College of Xi 'an University of Science and Technology won the honorary title of "Excellent Team".

   At the closing ceremony, Professor Li Lifang, dean of the School of Chinese Languages and Literatures of Lanzhou University, made a concluding speech. Li Lifang said, "Chinese International Education Heroes' Meeting" is an important brand activity in the field of international Chinese education. It is the door of friendship, the window of mutual learning and the bridge of cooperation among all colleges and universities. Because of the epidemic, we can't communicate face to face, but with the efforts of all colleagues, the activities in the northwest area of this "Heroes' Gathering for International Chinese Education" are still full of talents, and the exchange of "new ideas, new skills and new practices" is very exciting. The new era has new opportunities, and the new situation is accompanied by new missions. Under the strong voice of the times of speeding up the revitalization of higher education in the central and western regions, universities in northwest China will work together to create a new chapter in international Chinese education.

   It is reported that in 2021, the "Heroes of Chinese Education Association" is divided into six regions:Northeast,North,East,Southwest,Northwest and South-Central. Lanzhou University is the host institution of Northwest, and is responsible for organizing the evaluation and exchange activities in Northwest.With the theme of "New Ideas, New Skills and New Practices", the 2021 "Heroes of Chinese Education Association" was held online and offline, aiming at gathering talents of Chinese education from all over the world to jointly promote the innovation and progress of international Chinese education in the epidemic era.