“To Foster Virtue through Education·Build a Dream of The Future.”Professor Quan Huijin, the Candidate of "The Sixth Top Ten My Favorite Teachers" of Lanzhou University

2021-12-02   T|T

    Quan Huijin, male, Han nationality, born in November 1970 in Dangchang, Gansu, is a member of the Communist Party of China .Now he is a professor at Lanzhou University College of Literature, deputy director of the Institute of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature at Lanzhou University College of Literature, and tutor of master students.His main research direction is Chinese modern and contemporary literature, and he has his own characteristics and advantages in "the study of important modern Chinese writers, the history of Chinese modern literary criticism, and the comparison between ancient and modern literary theories and criticisms".Professor Quan has rich scientific research achievements, presided over one western project of the National Western Social Science Fund, one sub-project of the national social science major project, and one social science planning project in Gansu Province. At the same time, he was approved as a teaching achievement cultivation project in Gansu Province, presided over the offline first-class course of "History of Modern Chinese Literature" in Gansu Province, and was recommended to apply for the national first-class course. He published two academic monographs, one teaching material and more than 60 academic papers, and won the second prize of teaching achievement in Gansu Province.

    Peach is fragrant and happy.Professor Quan Huijin not only shows his charm on the academic stage, but also has a wide range of teaching, pays attention to teaching and learning, and is deeply loved by students because he is approachable.When guiding undergraduate research interest groups, Mr. Quan is both a teacher and friend, not only imparting professional knowledge to students without reservation, but also encouraging students to read a lot of literature, broaden their horizons, broaden their thinking, pay attention to academic hotspots, seek innovation and breakthrough from the perspective of interdisciplinary integration, and also share life experiences with students and answer questions.Under the persuasive teaching method, we have trained generations of outstanding literary talents to provide fresh blood for the academic research of "Chinese modern and contemporary literature".

    Despite his profound knowledge and great achievements, Mr. Quan Huijin never prides himself, but he still enriches himself in his spare time and explores the "treasure house" of Chinese modern and contemporary literature.Based on the demand of cultivating academic talents of Chinese Language and Literature Major under the background of "new liberal arts", Mr. Quan focused on making up for the limitations of the existing teaching tradition, and aimed at a series of problems in the cultivation and study of undergraduate students and postgraduates, compiled the teaching material Eighteen Lectures of Classical Writers of Modern Literature, which was published by Higher Education Press, and made new exploration and supplement in addition to the existing teaching material system of "Modern Chinese Literature History" in cooperation with the curriculum construction of first-class subjects.This textbook is the crystallization of Professor Quan Huijin's years of teaching and research in the course "History of Modern Chinese Literature". Between the lines, we can see the academic spirit of Professor Quan Huijin's "there is no end to learning, diligence can achieve".