On-line Communication between Teachers and Students, Discussing "Teaching" Hand in Hand —— On-line Teaching Seminar between Teachers and Students of College of Literature Was Held

2021-11-15   T|T

    On the evening of November 13th, at 19: 00, the "Online Teaching Seminar" between teachers and students of Lanzhou University College of Literature was held on Tencent conference platform.As an important part of the first "Undergraduate Academic Activity Month" of the College of Liberal Arts, this conference aims to further improve the quality of online teaching and the learning effect of undergraduates through the exchange of online teaching experience between teachers and students.Members of the leadership team of the College of Literature, all teachers and some representatives of undergraduate students attended the meeting, which was presided over by Yang Jianjun, vice president of the College of Literature.

    Professor Chen Xiaoqiang was invited to give a keynote speech on online teaching seminar.Professor Chen Xiaoqiang, combined with his online teaching practice, analyzed the shortcomings and advantages of online teaching, and shared his teaching experience and specific methods and skills.He believes that although online teaching has the limitation that teachers and students can't face each other, it is also helpful to improve the convenience of information sharing between teachers and students, the timeliness of problem exchange and the enthusiasm of students' participation, and realize the virtuous circle of "teaching and learning benefit from each other and teaching and research advance together".Both online and offline teaching should establish the concept of "student-oriented", so that the teaching practice should focus on students, trust students, guide students and supervise students, make full use of cloud recording, WeChat group and other technical means and network platforms, all of which will strengthen the process recording and interactive communication in teaching, and continuously improve the teaching effect and quality.

    After his speech, the participating teachers and student representatives had an online conversation around online teaching.Professor Wang Daqiao, Associate Professor Yang Xubo and Associate Professor Zhou Zhongmou exchanged and shared the disadvantages and advantages of online teaching, the experience in practice and the next plan.Ma Ping, Zheng Jing and Wei Chang, major in Chinese language, Huang Yanqing, major in drama, film and television literature, and Ye Shiran, a strong foundation class in ancient philology, spoke as students' representatives. The students talked about their online learning situation and put forward specific suggestions for teaching improvement around the differences between online teaching and offline teaching, combining online learning courses, attending academic lectures, carrying out the practice of research interest groups and daily learning exercises.

    Party Secretary Han Jie said that the "Undergraduate Academic Activity Month" focused on the fundamental task of "cultivating people by virtue" and achieved good results, and thanked the teachers and students of the whole hospital for their efforts and efforts during the epidemic.He demanded that, first, we should establish the awareness of brand activities and summarize the contents and achievements of related activities;Second, we should further improve the construction of multi-level and multi-channel communication platforms, so as to normalize the communication between teachers and students;Third, we should do a good job in daily epidemic prevention and control to ensure the physical and mental health of all teachers and students and complete the teaching tasks with high quality.

     Dean Li Lifang said in his concluding remarks that during the epidemic, the teachers and students of the whole college worked together to ensure the normal operation of teaching and scientific research.Online teaching, as a teaching form in an extraordinary period, is the concrete practice of improving teaching quality, promoting teaching and educating people, and implementing the fundamental task of "cultivating people by virtue".She hopes that all teachers will continue to give full play to their professional expertise, integrate academic resources and improve the teaching effect and education quality;All students should enhance the sense of ceremony of online lectures to ensure the seriousness and effectiveness of learning;The college will further promote the construction of brand activities such as "Undergraduate Academic Activity Month, Research Interest Group, Reading Class, Reading Club, Postgraduate Academic Annual Meeting, Doctoral Academic Seminar and Exchange Meeting", constantly expand the communication channels between teachers and students, build a high-level talent training platform, and comprehensively improve the talent training quality of the college.